WHY-NI? Mark Owens - Civica NI

August 9, 2021
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In the seventh episode of the WHY-NI? Leadership series we are joined by one of NI’s best-known tech professionals …Mark Owens.

Mark is the is Managing Director at Civica Northern Ireland and previously worked for Capgemini, where he was a Vice President, running their UK SAP Practice for over 3 years.

Mark has a passion for recognising the people of Northern Ireland and proactively adopts a corporate and social responsibility approach to develop and retain IT skill sets, from initiatives with local schools, colleges and universities, to providing Coder Dojo mentoring.

In this episode, we catch up with Mark to learn about all things Civica, the incredible projects they have worked on, their contribution to the tech sector in Northern Ireland and the big plans that are in store for the team.

We find out the challenges the Civica team have faced together, their significant successes, Marks views on how Northern Ireland can continue to grow successfully from early education through to tech leadership and why NI is such an innovative global tech hub.

“There’s one word…talent, we have the talent, that’s not debatable. Nobody can debate to me that we don’t have talent, we do have to put that down to people like Belfast Met, Ulster University and Queens University in creating such talent people but just generally we have talent all over our country. What we need to do is attract it, we need to support it, and we need to grow and nurture it and we become the next Silicon Valley”.

So, join us in the next episode of WHY-NI? as we continue to uncover the answer to that all-important question…Why NI?

WHY-NI? Mark Owens - Civica NI
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