What is Low Code Development?

December 17, 2019
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Here at Enso, we are seeing more and more demand for Low Code Development in Northern Ireland, so we put together an information piece to answer the question…what is low code!?

Low Code is a fantastic alternative to conventional development - low code platforms represent a unified suite of GUI and configuration tools that allow developers or teams to bypass the significant work involved in developing a piece of software from scratch.

For clients, this helps remove many barriers to engagement and address multiple pain points when it comes to conventional app development. This includes cutting back on arduous development, agonising workshop processes, and the feeling of being locked into a long production cycle that is difficult to manage and often carries no guarantee of producing something that is truly fit for purpose.

This makes it incredibly attractive for growing businesses who are looking for a fast development turnaround and crafting a product that is truly fit for purpose.


Is it a viable career path?

The next decade of design and development work will involve an increased reliance on automation. While automation currently focuses on the elimination of background processes, the sector is quickly moving to adopt automated approaches to coding and maintenance.

From a client perspective, the benefits are as clear as they are significant. Developing under a reduced turnaround can help save resources when it matters most. Placing an emphasis on visual design makes it easier for less tech-savvy clients to review. Add an increased capacity for automated testing, and development can be fully validated while still allowing businesses to keep pace with their changing marketplaces; driving digital transformation throughout the company.

This marriage of market demand and the comprehensive selections of tools available to most platforms make it an increasingly attractive sector to approach. Many professional teams believe that Low Code is now emerging from its infancy making it the perfect time for developers to increase their knowledge, re-sharpen their skills, and secure a position in what promises to be a high-demand sector.


What platforms can you take advantage of?

  • Pega: The platform also offers specialised training to make onboarding easier for developers. This includes specific focus on bridging the collaboration gap that can occur when designing a system with business and IT departments. Cloud based and easy to deploy, Pega allows for app evolution in a massively reduced timeframe.
  • Appian: Made up from a flexible suite of tools, Appian enables an intuitive process flow that allows development teams to efficiently collaborate with clients. Deploying a drag and drop toolkit, the initial design process is quick and easy; allowing for the addition of logic and validation through their dedicated ‘decision engine’.
  • Mendix: With default templates included and access to a comprehensive app store, Mendix allows you to quickly get a test system for rapid prototyping. While the interface may be a little less intuitive than other systems, it’s still a great option; thanks in no small part to its emphasis on scrum integration and sophisticated suite of automated testing tools.

So hopefully that demystifies some of the questions surrounding low-code and highlights the growing opportunity that a career in low-code can offer! If you want to find out how you can carve out a career in low-code development get in touch with Enso Recruitment! please do not hesitate to contact our team directly and let us know exactly what you need.

What is Low Code Development
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