What is an Enso?

July 29, 2019
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A man in glasses is holding up sticky notes in front of a glass wall.

Yes indeed, what is an Enso?


When trying to come up with a concept for our new brand, as a recruitment team who adopt a personal and collaborative approach to recruitment, we thought hard about what it is that we do.

We build teams in the IT Sector in Northern Ireland and we liked the concept of tech employers, IT Professionals and ourselves coming together to form a digital circle. That’s when we stumbled upon the “Enso Circle.”


Enso: a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to create


The Enso can also symbolize completeness, enlightenment and the universe. Basically, Douglas Adams could have saved himself a lot of time writing about “Life, the Universe and Everything” by simply drawing a circle!

Truth be told, it wasn’t something we were overly familiar with ourselves but in a predictably Baader-Meinhof phenomenon kind of way, once we saw the Enso Circle, we started seeing it everywhere and it is seriously prevalent in the tech world!


To give a few examples…


  • Lucent Technologies: yep, their logo is an Enso
  • The Lean Start-up: that’s an Enso right there on the cover (yes, we also thought it was a coffee ring!)
  • Apple Campus 2: basically, a giant Enso
  • AMD Ryzen processor: that’s Enso!


So, this ancient Zen symbol has found new legs in the cutting-edge world of technology. For us, as technology recruiters, we feel it is a perfect symbol to demonstrate how we bring people together to form successful teams and how we create a collaborative circle of clients and candidates who help to grow Northern Ireland's ICT sector.


To find out more about how Enso Recruitment can help you to grow a great team or to grow your career, reach out to our team and become part of our circle!


Email: info@ensorecruitment.com

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