What cybersecurity qualifications are required?

March 24, 2021
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Cybersecurity careers have never been more in-demand in the Belfast IT jobs market than they are today. From handling data security at large-scale firms to preventing security breaches and DDoS attacks, cybersecurity jobs are a prevalent and rapidly growing IT sector that shouldn't be ignored or understated.

For new graduates, or those looking to evolve their skills from other areas of IT development, dipping your toe in the waters of IT security can be the start to a profitable and exciting career. But to get there, you'll need the skills and qualifications to impress potential employers. Here are just a few of the qualifications and skills to consider for Belfast cybersecurity careers:

Cybersecurity qualifications

As a varied and competitive industry, the Belfast cybersecurity market is hugely versatile and led by both qualifications and experience. But if you want to start on the right foot, or you're new to IT careers altogether, gaining a foundation can provide the foothold needed to succeed in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity degrees

Degrees in cybersecurity are available both online and offline from a range of different universities. These qualifications focus on providing the technical skills and groundwork for future cybersecurity success, allowing you to go into specific fields or niches later down the line.

Cybersecurity certificates

If you're considering certification in cybersecurity, the two best places to start are GIAC and CompTIA. As well-known and highly regarded cybersecurity certifications and qualifications, you receive from these two companies will stand out on your applications to show off your competence, abilities, and commitment to the industry. We'd recommend starting with the GIAC Security Expert (GSE) certification  https://www.giac.org/certification/security-expert-gse, or the CompTIA Security+ certification https://certification.comptia.org/certifications/security

What other skills do I need to get a job in cybersecurity?

While qualifications are a vital way to display your expertise and understanding of the cybersecurity industry, potential IT employers in Belfast will also be looking for the skills and capabilities you have to see what you can bring to their company. These skills will include:

Technical skills

If you have a particular talent for analytics or extensive experience in security for mobile applications, these skills can set you apart from the competition. A specialisation in a niche area of security – particularly when it comes to your technical abilities – can make you more attractive to cybersecurity companies hiring in Belfast and can make all the difference when you're up against other professionals with similar qualifications.

Soft skills

While a strong understanding and expertise in cybersecurity are essential to land the best cybersecurity jobs in Belfast, soft skills are also crucial in your development. Learning new things, acting as a leader, thinking analytically in stressful circumstances, and working in a collaborative setting is vitally vital to cybersecurity success.

While having a full qualification in cybersecurity is an excellent place to start, if you want to be a stellar candidate for the top IT security jobs in Belfast, working on your soft skills and technical abilities is also a must. Are you looking to move to a cybersecurity career? Get in touch with our team today to find out more about how we could help you.

What cybersecurity qualifications are required
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