Software Programming Predictions for 2020

January 10, 2020
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2020 has landed and it's sure to be an exciting year for the world of software programming so here at Enso, we wanted to outline our predictions on the key trends and themes that 2020 has in store for us...

  1.  The Rise of Low Code: More popular than ever before, Low Code Development increasingly represents a new opportunity for businesses and professionals alike. Allowing for rapid turnaround while still saving on resources and effort, LC platforms predominantly use drag and drop interfaces to visualise and develop software – aiding client engagement and the acquisition of insight. This represents an attractive proposition for many businesses, highlighting a need for professionals to expand their skillset and even re-specialise to take advantage of the burgeoning sector.
  1. Automation, Automation, Automation: It should come as no surprise that the next decade will continue to see businesses pushing for greater efficiency. There is almost no sector that will not benefit from automating or streamlining their processes and – thanks to a decade of marketing and news coverage – clients are more aware than ever before of how tools can add value to their work. Chief among these will be an increased demand for intelligent automation that uses AI to help drive improvements throughout their businesses. This is especially attractive for data-led businesses that deal with finance, customer information, or analysis. And being able to bring professionals onboard that allow them to do more with less will likely prove to be a very attractive proposition.
  1. Being Swallowed by the Python: While it’s essential to have a familiarity with the major coding languages, it’s looking increasingly likely that 2020 is set to be the year of the Python. At the current rate, Python is set to surpass Java and C within 3 - 4 years thanks to a gentle onboarding curve and a capacity for easy, fast automation – allowing users to eliminate a range of cumbersome background processes. It’s equally useful for tackling big data and web development issues thanks to a massive degree of community support and a wealth of existing frameworks and code libraries. Simply put, if you’re not familiar with it at this point…you probably should be.
  1. A Clear Need for Transparency: Whether it was election hacking, the leaking of personal details, or a string of high-profile data breaches; issues around data security have been in the news cycle for most of the past decade. Modern clients are highly aware of issues around data use and this makes cyber security a priority for businesses of all sizes, who will be expected to be transparent about what data is being stored and the nature of any breaches. The new few years will almost certainly see new security tools deployed in order to counteract increasingly sophisticated hackers. This makes it highly likely that AI and Machine Learning systems will be set to dominate the market in next ten years, helping to counteract an increased shortfall in trust.

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Software Programming Predictions for 2020
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