Facing The Front End - A Journey into Development

May 24, 2023
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Join us as Dominika Dutkiewicz, a Recruitment Consultant here at Enso Recruitment delves into their experience with getting hands on with coding and taking their knowledge of the IT sector a step further!

"In February of this year, I had made the decision to bite the bullet, and complete a coding crash course. Over the following weeks, I want to take you through: 

1) Why I did it   

2) How I did it  

3) What I got from it 

Firstly, I completely understand that deciding to complete a web development course may have seemed like a very random decision for me to make. The reason why I chose to do it, is because I had spent, at that point, a year and a half of my life speaking with IT professionals who were so passionately telling me about the projects they were working on at work, in their free time, and about all the things they were able to create through coding, on a day to day basis. Eventually, the curiosity got the better of me!  

I decided to find out for myself, why coding was such a passion for so many people. In addition to that, I thought being able to have hands on experience with using the likes of JavaScript and React, would allow me to better understand the work Front End Developers do on a daily basis! I believed even such a small amount of experience, would make a huge difference over time, in my approach to speaking with candidates or clients, about the work they do. 

To summarise, I think my biggest push factors for giving the course a go, were to learn something that would have a positive impact on my work, to help me connect with new people and to continually improve myself as an individual, through learning!"

Keep a look out over the coming weeks for more posts in the Facing The Front End series by Dominika!

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