Facing The Front End - A Journey Into Development - The Conclusion

July 14, 2023
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Join us as Dominika Dutkiewicz, a Recruitment Consultant here at Enso Recruitment delves into their experience with getting hands on with coding and taking their knowledge of the IT sector a step further!

Previously, Dominika went over her motivations and reasoning as to why she wanted to get into web development, along with how she began learning development. Today, Dominika will be going over what they got from this experience!

'As a conclusion to my series, I wanted to outline what exactly I got out of the experience.

First and foremost, I learnt a new skill (which is the reason why I did it in the first place)! Being able to achieve that without crashing and burning was more than enough of a result for me…  But on a more serious note, it’s absolutely brilliant that there are opportunities out there, for everyone and anyone to learn a new skills, and if you get the chance to, you absolutely should grab that opportunity with both hands!

Even if it’s a skill which may not be directly related to your profession, or what you want to do, you will most certainly gain transferable skills which will come in useful at some point. That was exactly my approach, and I’m so glad I went ahead with it!  

Being able to learn the basics of coding, has given me a much better understanding of technology, how it works, and what’s really behind all the websites and landing pages we look at every day! Although it may not tie in directly with what I do for work, it definitely helped me to get a better understanding of what the role of a software or web developer really entails. This has really helped my understanding of the projects they are involved in, and understanding why they enjoy what they do! Additionally, having this understanding has been a major help when explaining some of the products a company may be working on.  

So, to sum up, the main thing I got out of this experience has been learning a new skill, which I was able to apply to my job every day – it benefitted me personally, and professionally, which is a win win situation! I was also able to write a blog about my experience with upskilling, and hopefully encouraged others to do the same!  

Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoyed this short series, and found it somewhat inspiring!'

Thanks to Dominika for taking the time to document her journey into development and thanks to all reading along! Keep a look out in the near future for more blog series wrote by members of the Enso team!

Whether you are growing a great tech team, or seeking to further your tech career, get in touch with our team and we will help you to achieve your ambitions!


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