An Exciting Partnership Between Farset Labs & Enso Recruitment

March 14, 2024
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Enso Recruitment are delighted to announce our partnership with Farset Labs! This begins an exciting relationship between Enso and Farset – helping to support and empower the local tech community within NI through events, learning, co-working and career development.

Farset Labs is a vibrant community-driven charity supported by volunteers and funded by its members. Their mission is to foster creativity and innovation through technology in an inclusive and collaborative environment within NI, with a focus on the Belfast area. They provide a supportive space for exploration and hands-on learning, with workshops, creative facilities and co-working spaces open to all members. Everyone from all walks of life are welcome at Farset, from students, to professionals, to freelancers.

‘You know what, it's fun teaming up with Enso. There's a reason it's not the first time we're working together. They've even given us some support behind the scenes, beyond what you can expect from a sponsor. That's what you call a partnership.’ – Art Kondratiev – Chairperson @ Farset Labs

‘We’ve been familiar with Farset Labs for years and we can now proudly say that we get to be a part of their journey by establishing this partnership with them. Their offerings, the things they do, their impact on the Belfast tech scene – there’s a reason why they are well-known name in Belfast. We are excited to be supporting Farset, and we can’t wait to see what can be achieved with this partnership.’ – Christian Campbell – Director of Recruitment @ Enso Recruitment

To begin our partnership, Enso are proud to be sponsoring Farset’s Brunch & Open Day at the Hackerspace on Wednesday 20th – a free event in which attendees will get the chance to visit the hackerspace, meet interesting people working in the industry and try out working from their co-working space.

Enso is excited to be working with and supporting Farset. We can’t wait to see where this partnership goes and how it will develop. Stay tuned for the journey!

To sign up for the Brunch & Open Day here.

To read more about Farset Labs, who they are, what they offer and upcoming Farset Events, click here.

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