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The Enso Name

The philosophy behind Enso comes from the zen symbol of the same name (円相).

We incorporate commitment to a circular, holistic approach in recruitment by building relationships with our clients and candidates alike, forging long-term success and creating careers that span years. By fostering those all-important relationships, we create a perfect circle of success for everyone involved in the recruitment process, continually renewing those connections, and enhancing hundreds of businesses and employees' working lives.

Meet Team Enso

Here at Team Enso, we are passionate about building great teams and developing great careers.

Click our photos to get to know us better.
Phil Vernon
Managing Director
Rich in retro gaming consoles. Poor in time to play any of them
Christian Campbell
Recruitment Director
Talented musician and guitar virtuoso…at least that’s what he tells us!
Barry O'Neill
Principle Recruitment Consultant
Sportiest member of the team and proud owner of some questionable shirts
Rory Foster
Principle Recruitment Consultant
Our very own qualified deep sea diver
Jen Curran
Principal Recruitment Consultant
Sci-Fi geek for all things Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who?  
Vanessa Wilson
Recruitment Consultant
The "Flying-V" of IT Recruitment
Gary Wilkinson
Recruitment Consultant
Proud owner of 5 dogs, 4 horses, 3 snakes
and 2 roosters
Dominika Dutkiewicz
Recruitment Consultant
With a background in Social Anthropology, Dominika really "gets" people.
Joel Cuddy
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Future crypto billionaire…if he ever gets round to buying any

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Who we help

As a Northern Ireland based recruitment company, Enso Recruitment provides tailored recruitment solutions to IT organisations and candidates across Belfast and beyond.

Operating in one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the world we are proud to work in partnership with some of the most innovative companies and most talented tech professionals to create a perfect circle of success for everyone we work with across Northern Ireland.

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