8 of the Best Software Programming Podcasts

January 10, 2020
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Finding the time to refresh your professional knowledge can be challenging. So here are eight of our favourite coding and design related podcasts that are well worth adding to your device, starting with-

  1. Agile for Humans

An exceptional interview-led podcast, AFH covers helpful lessons on scrum deployment, user experience, and all elements of the agile process. Perfect for newcomers, professionals and anyone struggling to refine their best practice, AFH elegantly refines your fundamentals and helps even the most seasoned coder shake off the rust.

  1. Software Developer’s Journey

A fantastic grab-bag of professional anecdotes, this podcast covers the trials and tribulations of professionals throughout the software development sector. Each episode sees a new guest share stories of their own unique journey into development and the key programming challenges they surmounted along the way. This is great for enthusiasts looking to refresh their knowledge and learn a few soft skills to help find work/life balance in an increasingly demanding sector.

  1. Big Data Beard

Now in its fifth season, Big Data Beard is a fantastic resource for data professionals looking stay on top of sectoral trends or add new approaches to their toolkit. Whether you’re a data scientist or a coder struggling to wrangle your information, the podcast is a wellspring of insight and inspiration – letting you approach the prickliest problems with fresh insight and energy.

  1. 6FigureDev

Software architects, program directors, superstar coders – 6Figure has it all. Explicitly founded to help others struggling in the sector, their back catalogue of interviews has helpful tips, guidance, and solutions to a range of daily coding issues. No matter whether you’re concerned with testing, clean coding, entrepreneurship, or niche queries, the 6FD team have you covered.

  1. Stack Overflow Podcast


A regular staple on every coder’s bookmark bar, the official Stack Overflow Podcast continues to go from strength-to-strength – pouring over problems and technical issues with characteristic detail. Hosted with an emphasis on community engagement, the SOP team regularly fields questions from listeners, hosts storied guests, and gives condensed overviews of the latest trends in tech – letting you stay up to date without any of the effort.

  1. iteration


Created to focus on the ‘soft’ elements of design and development, iteration is a fantastic, code-agnostic podcast for developers from all walks of life. Following a roundtable structure, the hosts talk through a range of challenging topics and the reasoning for their development choices. Perfect for those struggling to optimise their planning and design work.

  1. Friday Afternoon Deploy

Offering insight with an equal dose of fun, Friday Afternoon Deploy is true developer’s podcast. Capturing the giddy energy of a late-night coding session, the team cover all aspects of the industry; from the horrors of crunch, regrex and agile development, to their favourite subreddits for coding help. This makes it perfect for a light-hearted listen…and educating yourself without realising it.

  1. Darknet Diaries

And finally - for those looking for something off the beaten path - Darknet Diaries is great option for learning more about contemporary hacking practice and the darker recesses of the internet. This sees the team covering stories about legendary hackers, infamous security breaches, and how to protect your clients from cybercrime. Terrifying and educational in equal measure, it’s perfect for those looking for a little stimulation while they learn.

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8 of the Best Software Programming Podcasts
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