We build teams

  • Of experts in software, cyber and cloud technologies
  • Who are creative thinkers, problem solvers and innovators
  • That are at the heart of your company’s success
  • Who share your ambition and want to grow with you

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Through our industry expertise and partnership approach, Enso builds high-performing teams and rewarding IT careers in Northern Ireland.

Ignite Your Career

Klaudia Bojda

Enso were genuinely interested in finding the right role instead of treating me like a number. I was guided through every step of the hiring process and have kept in touch to this day. A really personal approach to recruitment.

Mark McKillion

Enso worked with me to really understand what I wanted and found me the perfect position. A genuinely refreshing approach to recruitment.

Accelerate Your Organisation

Mark Owens, Civica Digital

I have worked with Enso as a candidate and client. They are fantastic at understanding your needs and helping to build successful teams.

Andy MacPherson, 3DEO

Enso are always great to work with. They have a great grasp of our team culture and they always find great people for our team.

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Enso Team Talk

Ace Your Interview

The initial excitement of securing an interview can lead to an impending sense of dread as you start to ask yourself, “how can I prepare when I could be asked literally anything!?” This guide should help you to ace any standard interview format.   At Enso Recruitment, our team has helped thousands of IT professionals…

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10 CV Hacks for IT Professionals

Here at Enso Recruitment we don’t give out “CV’s tips” we give out “CV hacks.” There’s no difference between the two really, but the word hack is very zeitgeisty at the moment so “hack” it is! These tips (I mean hacks!) are tailored specifically for anyone in the IT Sector in NI who is considering…

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What is an Enso?

Yes indeed, what is an Enso?   When trying to come up with a concept for our new brand, as a recruitment team who adopt a personal and collaborative approach to recruitment, we thought hard about what it is that we do. We build teams in the IT Sector in Northern Ireland and we liked…

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